Angle Grinder Performer


Angle grinder performances add an incredible visual performance element to any nightclub, music video, or stage show. Angela Marie has been doing angle grinder performances for over 8 years and has performed at the sold out Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas for over 10,000 attendees for 3 years and Wasteland Weekend for 2 years. She holds a number of performance residencies for this act including Perish's GrindKore, Love & Lust Events, Studio 69, Phenovibe, Swoon Entertainment, Night Vision, Abundance Grateful Generation, Batcave, Dark Circus, and V Society. Angela Marie's angle grinding has been featured in music videos, and it always draws an awe-struck crowd. If you are looking for a unique act that's a real showstopper, an angle grinder sparks show will create an electrifying visual spectacle that will amaze and astound!

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Grinder show for Swoon Entertainment with Elita Reign at Love and Lust Events Nightmare in Wonderland Photo courtesy of LA Weekly Levan TK 3.2016