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Fire Performer


Angela has been fire performing for over 4 years, and in that time has booked a feature length film (currently in production) doing fire breathing and dancing with her fire fingers. She is proficient with fire fingers, palm torches, and fire fans for a sensual show. She employs numerous styles of dance and martial arts while dual wielding fire swords and doing choreographed and impromptu combat. To shock and awe, Angela Marie does trick fire breathing, fire fleshing and fire eating. She holds multiple performances residencies in the Los Angeles area with The Toledo Show, Batcave, LA Fashion and Fetish Cancer Awareness Ball, Abundance Grateful Generation, Wasteland Weekend, and Love and Lust Events. Angela danced under the Man in the Hellfire Conclave at Burning Man in 2016 and will continue to do so for years to come. Currently, Angela is on tour with the EDM sensation KillrKat and Wizard World Comic Con for 2017. Angela maintains stringent adherence to the North American Fire Arts Association Open Flame performance guidelines and safety regulations so as to be safe and legal no matter where she is performing. This stunning and edgy art form will excite audiences and heat up any event.

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